Nopatra has an extensive experience which allows us to offer products with the highest quality to our customers, verified by means of processes and precision equipments which guarantee the quality measurement of our products.

The quality of Nopatra is supported by the certification IATF 16949:2016 and system and process audits from all our customers.

Metrology and quality control equipment
Mitutoyo granite marble
Mitutoyo PJ-3000 digital profile projector
Mitutoyo PJ-3000 analogical profile projector
TALYROND-262 roundness tester
Laser control equipment (TESA)
MARPOSS diameter measuring benches
MARPOSS diameter measuring pillars
TAYLOR-HOBSON Form Talysurf PLUS roughness tester
TAYLOR-HOBSON roughness tester
Mitutoyo SUFTEST-402 roughness tester
GALILEO analogical hardness tester
Micro hardness tester AKASHI MUK E-3
Artificial vision equipment
LASER equipment for 100% verification of induced shaft concentricity with correction system (NOPATRA)
LASER + VIDEO CAMARA for 100% verification of critical measurements in output shafts (NOPATRA